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Flow of purchase

Flow of purchase

  • Enquiry

    Step1) Enquiry

    Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries!
    We welcome enquiries of properties from all other websites!
    We are professional in all properties in Shinsaibashi, Namba, and Umeda of Osaka.

    We look forward to serving you!


  • Preparation of site visit

    Step2) Preparation of site visit

    In-depth communication based on your purchase purpose (residential, investment, etc.), budget, area, location, size, and site visit day.

    Isn’t it exciting to imagine the site? Please list up what you want to try, and we will provide you a list of famous and secretive restaurants to fulfill your dreams.

    Preparation of site visit

  • Site visit

    Step3) Site visit

    Our real estate pros are pleased to accompany you throughout the process until you meet with your favorite location. Let us answer all your questions and resolve all your worries!

    Welcome to Japan! It’s our pleasure to meet you. Have a wonderful day!

    Site visit

  • Confirm your purchase

    Step4) Confirm your purchase

    Fill out a purchase confirmation (to declare your purchase intention to the owner) when you have made your decision.

    We are glad if you could find your favourite property!

    Confirm your purchase

  • Preparation of contract

    Step5) Preparation of contract

    Our certified associate will explain in detail about the property and contract. We are able to arrange interpreters upon request so as to make sure everything is safe and secure.

    We are pleased to serve with our heart for such an important step.

    Preparation of contract

  • Sign up a contract

    Step6) Sign up a contract

    Kindly pay a deposit (10% of the purchase amount) and sign the contract. We are going to list up all necessary documents for this procedure, which might be very different from what you expected. We walk you through, no worries.

    The property is almost yours, just a little more!

    Sign up a contract

  • Settle the payment and acquire the property

    Step7) Settle the payment and acquire the property

    Settle the payment to get the property.

    The wonderful property is now yours!

    Settle the payment and acquire the property

  • After sales service

    Step8) After sales service

    Our service doesn’t end simply when you have got your property. There are still follow up procedures, and we are pleased to continue to support you upon requests.

    We treat all our customers as life-long partners. Just let us serve you whenever you need us.

    After sales service

Everything starts when you purchase the property.

We provide a streamlined service you can find in nowhere else.

We support you through upon request even after your purchase!

Purchasing a property involves different taxes.

Revenue stamp on purchase contract Over JPY 100 million - JPY 500 million or below) JPY60,000
Over JPY 500 million – JPY 1 billion or below) JPY160,000
Over JPY 1 billion – JPY 5 billion or below) JPY320,000
Registration and license tax (Estimated value of fixed asset) x 20/1000
Fixed assets tax / city-planning tax (Estimated value of fixed asset) x 1.4%
(Estimated value of fixed asset) x 0.3%
Real estate acquisition tax (Estimated value of fixed asset) x 4/100
Brokerage administration fee (Purchase amount) x 3/100

(*) Registration administration fee and fire insurance are also needed.

Necessary items for the contract

  • Certificate of Residence
  • Personal stamp certificate
  • Personal stamp
  • Passport

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